The Hyundai Elantra shows up more and more as a best used car buy in the compact car class.
The Hyundai Elantra shows up more and more as a best used car buy in the compact car class.

10 Winners from CarGuru’s 5th annual Best Used Car Awards

CarGurus announced the winners of its annual Best Used Car Awards recently, and you’ll find award winners from CarGuru in Arizona right here in Tucson.

Read on to find out more about ten used car award winners that are affordable, dependable, and stylish.

2017 – 2021 Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage boasts a high-reliability rating, smooth ride, and spacious interior in a modern body design. These small SUVs look sporty, have plenty of cargo space, and they’re a lot of fun to drive! Add in the budget-friendly fuel economy and the surprisingly advanced infotainment system, and it’s easy to see how the Sportage makes the cut again.

2011 – 2019 Ford Explorer

Finding the Ford Explorer near the top of best used vehicles lists is no surprise. These iconic SUVs offer a quiet cabin with plenty of technology, a comfortable ride, and a fuel-efficient six-cylinder engine. With ample towing capacity and clearance, the Ford Explorer can take you just about anywhere you want to go.

2017 – 2020 Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra shows up more and more as a best used car buy in the compact car class. Available as a sedan or hatchback, the Elantra features a surprisingly sophisticated interior, plenty of room, and a smooth ride. The high safety and reliability ratings of the Elantra, combined with user-friendly technology, make this Hyundai a contender for any best used car awards.

2015 – 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe

The most recent model years for the Chevy Tahoe consistently rank near the top on many used car lists. As always, the Tahoe offers plenty of cargo and passenger space, a smooth, quiet ride, and a luxurious interior. The industry-leading safety rating, outstanding reliability, and hauling power of the Tahoe make it a top used car choice for everyone from families to farmers.

2016 – 2021 Toyota Tacoma

It’s hard to find many shortcomings with the Toyota Tacoma, so finding this popular truck on a best used truck list is easy. Known for best-in-class reliability and hauling capacity, the Tacoma also makes a more than capable off-roading vehicle. With its workhorse reputation, classic styling, and comfortable interior, finding a truck that offers more than the Tacoma isn’t easy.

2015 – 2020 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is another truck that makes best used car lists more often than not.
Ford F-150 is another truck that makes best used car lists more often than not.

Like the Tacoma, the Ford F-150 is another truck that makes best used car lists more often than not. Notoriously powerful engines, consistently high safety ratings, and outstanding towing capabilities all combine to make the F-150 one of the most popular used car buys around. As if that’s not enough, the Ford F-150 also offers agile handling, exceptional fuel economy, and below-average maintenance costs.

2017 – 2021 Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 consistently ranks near the top of the compact SUV class, and for good reasons. The Mazda CX-5 features sporty handling, plenty of power, and a comfortable high-end interior. While the CX-5 is classified as a compact, the cargo capacity of this SUV is anything but. You’ll find ample room for passengers and gear, all supported by a cushioned suspension.

2014 – 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

There are many drivers who consider the Chevrolet Corvette their dream car, and we can’t blame them. The Corvette is one of the most powerful and beautiful sports cars available, and it also ranks near the top for luxury sports cars. The responsive handling and raw power are more than enough to sway us, so the upscale cabin, large trunk, and low cost of ownership are just icing on the cake.

2016 – 2020 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima features a smooth ride, ample power, and an unexpectedly handsome interior. Along with its sporty exterior and high-end infotainment features, the Optima also offers excellent fuel economy and an industry-leading array of safety features. It’s no wonder this Kia is one of the top CarGuru used cars.

2016 – 2021 Honda Civic

There aren’t many best used car awards the Honda Civic hasn’t won. One of the most popular cars for decades, the Civic features outstanding safety ratings and industry-leading reliability in a practical but impressive vehicle. The Civic also features a roomy and attractive interior, large cargo capacity, and some of the best fuel economy in its class. When you want a quality pre-owned vehicle with proven resale value, look no further than the Honda Civic.

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