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Whether you prefer a sleek coupe or a stylish sedan, many options await you to cater to your desired needs.

Coupe vs Sedan: What’s The Difference

When you think of a coupe, you probably think of a sporty two-door that’s fast and stylish. When you think of a sedan, you likely envision a four-door car with a spacious trunk and acceptable style. But did you know coupes can have four doors and sedans can have two doors? You will see few coupes or sedans in these categories, but the point is that the line in the coupe vs. sedan debate is fading fast.

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, a coupe is a car with an interior of less than 33 cubic feet, while a sedan has 33 or more. Until recent years, that summed up the state of the two auto body designs. But no longer. Nowadays, however, automakers are all but erasing the lines between the two types of cars with what could be considered reckless abandon. If you’re baffled by this misleading marketing—or simply unfamiliar with coupes and sedans—we’re here to clarify the differences.

What is a Coupe?

A coupe usually has two doors, sporty styling, and responsive handling. Most coupes are a three-box design, which gets its designation from the three separate areas for the engine, passengers, and cargo. Popular muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are iconic examples of the best coupe cars. If your bottom line is you want driving to be fun, a coupe checks all the boxes from performance to handling. 

What is a Sedan?

A sedan typically offers more cabin space, a longer wheelbase, and practicality. Sedans feature two rows of seating, four doors, and, like most coupes, a 3-box configuration. Familiar examples of the best sedan cars include Chevy Malibus and Ford Fusion Hybrids, as well as the proven Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. A sedan is an obvious choice if you are looking for a practical commuter car with passenger and trunk space.

Coupe VS. Sedan: Advantages of Each

While there are apparent features that set many sedans apart from most coupes, the auto industry standards for categorizing them are anything but official. Most car manufacturers say their coupes are typically considered sports cars and more compact than sedans. Car makers, like many consumers, view most sedans as family cars that are economical and reliable. There are no surprises, so let’s quickly recap the pros of sedans and coupes. 

Why Buy A Sedan?

Sedans offer a middle ground between coupe sports cars and SUVs by providing suitable cargo space, passenger space for 5 or 6, and good fuel economy. The four-door access makes getting people and packages in and out more manageable, and the best luxury sedans are often feature-rich. Many sedans appeal to drivers with leather interiors, superior rides, and sporty styling. 

Why Buy A Coupe?

Coupes provide a specific look and driving feeling compared to other vehicles, making driving more of a sport than a necessity! Because they are lighter than sedans, two-door coupes can provide impressive fuel economy and exhilarating performance. Most of all, a sporty coupe is flashy, fun, and begs to be driven.  

Remember, there are numerous examples of sedans boasting sporty performance, just as there are coupes with plenty of room. Because the technical definition of a coupe and sedan is evolving, the used car that meets your needs and puts a smile on your face is the best choice.

Coupe VS. Sedan: The Verdict Is In

Style is subjective, and needs don’t always align with wants! We want to highlight some glaring difference between a coupe and sedan that could help you decide, but both are excellent choices. Late-model coupes and sedans feature the latest safety features, reliability, and competitive price points, so much of the decision comes down to personal taste. 

At their core, even the best luxury sedans provide a practical solution for carpoolers, drivers with families, and others who also need room for cargo. Coupes are sporty by nature and are ideal for drivers who want a thrill out of driving and only need a little passenger or cargo space. But again, you may not have to decide between a coupe or a sedan because you may find everything you need in one tidy package!

Forget about the coupe vs. sedan quandary or finding the perfect convertible or hatchback and work on finding the ideal car for you. If it checks all your boxes for price, performance, features, and enjoyability, you’ve found the one. You’ll know when you finally drive the winning candidate, and we’re ready to help make that a reality. 

When you’re ready to find your next coupe, sedan, SUV, or truck, come by the lot and test-drive your favorites. Car Time Supercenter has been putting Tucson drivers behind the wheel of sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, and more since 1984. Family-owned and operated, our used car dealership is proud to be a community staple offering old-fashioned service and affordable cars. 

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