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Find your dream car hassle-free, without undergoing a credit check.

$500 Down On a Car With No Credit Check

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot has changed over the past few years, but you can still count on Car Time Supercenter for only $500 down on a car with no credit check. We live and work right here in Tucson, so we see the impact of the stumbling economy in these uncertain times. People have faced layoffs, high prices, and decaying credit as the economy tries to recover. 

While many have put the breaks on extra spending like buying a new or used car, debt or no debt, sometimes there is no choice. You can’t help if your current vehicle breaks down for the final time just when you’re almost back on your feet. It’s not your fault if the economy has wrecked your finances and credit, and your bank account is looking lean. 

Since March 2020, about half of all Americans have taken on additional credit card debt, according to Yahoo Finance, and you may be one of them. Regardless of why you’re in a pinch, the fact remains that you need a car, truck, or SUV and a way to work around low and no credit. With only $500 down on a car and no credit check, you can drive away in a new ride, thanks to our experienced finance team.

Whether you’re coming out of a vehicle lease, lost your ride to bankruptcy, or it’s simply time to get another car, you can finance a car for $500 down at a reputable used car dealership like Car Time Supercenter. Not only can you get a car you can afford and enjoy driving for only $500 down, but you also get the hometown service you can only get from a local, family-owned dealership. 

Benefits of buying a car with no credit check

If you have a credit score below 640, you’ve got plenty of company. According to Experian, the average credit score these days is only 714. Not sure what your credit score is, or even if you have one? You can find free options online for checking your credit score, and you may find you’re in better shape than you thought! Or not. Either way, unless your credit score is something to write home about, having a no-credit-check option can be very helpful.  

Even with no credit check and a shaky economy, $500 down today goes a lot further than it did only months ago. Your downpayment has more impact today because the issues that caused new and used car prices to skyrocket have been resolved—and that means used car prices are falling. A low downpayment for cars, competitive interest rates, and shrinking price stickers should be enough to get you in the car-shopping mood, but there’s more!

You can get a reliable, quality $500-down car or truck without a credit check and use your new vehicle to rebuild your credit. Here’s how buying a used car at Car Time Supercenter can get your financial health back in shape. 

Payment History

Payment history accounts for more of your credit score than other factors. Whether a used car auto loan provider reports your payments to the big three credit bureaus or not, you can benefit from timely payments. Many credit bureaus allow you to link bank accounts and other online money management platforms to automatically report your auto loan payments. 

Credit Mix

While not as impactful as your credit score, your credit mix can make a difference and affect your creditworthiness. A consumer’s credit mix is a combination of installment loans (like a used car loan) and revolving credit (like a credit card balance). If your credit mix is leaning hard toward revolving credit, a car loan with timely payments can help restore a better balance.

If being able to afford a car or SUV when you need it most without a credit check AND rebuilding your credit sounds like a winning combination, you’re right. Here’s how you can get a car you’ll love with no credit check and only $500. 

Can I Get a Car With a $500 Down Payment?

Finding the right vehicle at the right price is easy, thanks to our large inventory of $500 down cars and trucks and competitive pricing. We don’t check your credit, but if you want us to, we can take a look and may be able to offer you even better deals. And you can always put down more than $500 if you like to save even more money in the long run. 

We offer creative financing and flexible terms for everyone, whether they have no credit or bad credit. Car Time Supercenter can help you get back on the road for less, no matter your financial or credit situation. Count on us for a simple and streamlined car buying process and hometown customer care you can only get with a local, family-owned used car dealership. 

Shane Vossough

There are good reasons people will buy their next used car in Tucson from Car Time Supercenter. But I think we are one of the most trusted used car dealerships mainly because we treat everyone like family. My family has provided quality, dependable local used cars to Tucson customers since 1984, and I'm proud to be a part of our continued success. Like many family-owned businesses, I grew up going to work with my dad. Falling in love with cars was natural because of my father's passion, and eventually, I came to love the car business just like him. I officially joined the Car Time Supercenter team in 2012, starting in the finance department. Over the past decade, I've learned the used car business and how to treat customers from my family and industry resources. Today, I oversee marketing, social media, inventory, and reconditioning, so I play an essential role in delivering local Tucson used car buyers the best experience possible. I also help our family business keep up with the times while providing old-fashioned customer service. From attending NADA classes to becoming Allstate certified for back-end products, I continue to learn and add skills to serve our customers better.