How do you know which used car dealerships are good ones? For starters, any car dealership that has it together will maintain a clean and well-organized building and lot.
How do you know which used car dealerships are good ones? For starters, any car dealership that has it together will maintain a clean and well-organized building and lot.

How to Choose a Reputable Car Dealership

When it’s time to get another car or truck, you could look on social media or car listing sites, but it can be risky. When you buy from an individual, you don’t have much recourse if things don’t work out. When you buy from the best car dealerships, you get to choose from a large inventory of reliable used cars instead of a handful. You can also rely on genuine customer service before and after the sale and find the ideal fit for your lifestyle and budget.

But how do you know which used car dealerships are good ones? For starters, any car dealership that has it together will maintain a clean and well-organized building and lot. But since we all know looks can be deceiving, you’ll want to dig a little deeper to find the right dealership. If you want the best car at the best price, it’s time for some homework.

To Find the Best Car Dealerships, You’ll Have to Do Your Homework

Buying a car is probably one of your most important purchases, both in the initial cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. You want the best deal you can get on a car you’ll enjoy without breaking the bank, and the best place to get that is at a trusted used car dealership. To learn how to find the best car deals, start with the best used car dealership. To help you find that trusted dealer, we’ll kick things off with a few tips for finding the best car dealerships.

How to Find a Good Car Dealership

While a good first impression is important, remember there’s more to finding the right dealership. Aside from featuring an extensive inventory of used cars and having a long-time local presence, here are a few things to know before going to a used car dealership.


No matter what your financial situation is, a reputable used car dealership can work with you to find the right fit. From minimal down payments to monthly payments that fit your budget, a dealership with a strong finance department can help you get the best value.

A finance department in a car dealership

Family and friends

When you shop at a local used car dealership that’s been around for years, your neighbors, family, and friends may have some insights. Let the people you know you’re looking for the best deal on a used car and a reputable dealer, and they may be able to help you find them.


Online reviews are the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising and can give you some unbiased information. It’s one thing for a dealership to promote its customer care, selection, and other positives, but the real tale of the tape comes from its customers. When you want to know how a used car dealership treats its customers, reviews are an excellent way to get the whole story.


Of course, you expect a reputable dealership and the cars they feature to be clean and comfortable. Finance departments, sales departments, and other areas should be private and inviting. If you walk around a dealership, you can often get a feel for how they do business. If possible, check out the service and car prep areas too.

You already know that buying a used car is a good way to save money and own a car you will enjoy. Now that you understand the things to know before going to a car dealership, you can find the best car dealership for you.

Consider a Long-Term Relationship

You won’t get a relationship when you buy from an individual or a car listing site, much less a long-term one. But when you partner with a local used car dealer who checks all the boxes, you can count on a long-term relationship and the service you deserve. So what boxes are absolute musts?

  • When you work with a reputable used car dealer, you can find the ideal fit for your driving needs and budget today and in the future.
  • When you call or visit the dealership, you get friendly and professional service that makes you feel like your business is important.
  • While you can expect car prices to be fair, a reputable dealer isn’t afraid to negotiate to get your business because they’re in the relationship for the long haul.
  • A good car dealer knows their business inside and out, and they know their customers just as well.

When you choose Car Time Supercenter in Tucson, you choose a trusted local dealership that has served the community since 1984. Our old-fashioned hometown service and service after the sale make us one of the best car dealerships for your next car. When you’re ready to get the right car for you and your budget, check out Car Time Supercenter. Get started online or stop by our used car lot and find out what a used car buying experience should be.

Shane Vossough

There are good reasons people will buy their next used car in Tucson from Car Time Supercenter. But I think we are one of the most trusted used car dealerships mainly because we treat everyone like family. My family has provided quality, dependable local used cars to Tucson customers since 1984, and I'm proud to be a part of our continued success. Like many family-owned businesses, I grew up going to work with my dad. Falling in love with cars was natural because of my father's passion, and eventually, I came to love the car business just like him. I officially joined the Car Time Supercenter team in 2012, starting in the finance department. Over the past decade, I've learned the used car business and how to treat customers from my family and industry resources. Today, I oversee marketing, social media, inventory, and reconditioning, so I play an essential role in delivering local Tucson used car buyers the best experience possible. I also help our family business keep up with the times while providing old-fashioned customer service. From attending NADA classes to becoming Allstate certified for back-end products, I continue to learn and add skills to serve our customers better.