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Trading In or Selling Your Car? We Will Buy Any Car! 

Should I sell my car or trade? If you trade in your car for a late-model quality used car or truck, we’ll not only give you a fair price for your car, but a great deal on your new vehicle. 

While you can sell your car or trade it in at Car Time Supercenter, you may still wonder which would be best for you. Here’s what you need to know about selling a car vs. trading it in to make the best decision for your situation and budget. 

Should I Sell My Car or Trade it In?

When deciding whether to sell your car online or trade it in on your next one, it’s essential to understand what’s involved with both. Deciding between selling a car or trading one in means more than looking at dollars and cents. Trading in a car at a reputable dealership is the fastest route to getting behind the wheel of your new car. On the other hand, if you have sales skills and patience, you may be able to get a reasonable price. Here’s how it breaks down. 

Trading in Your Car

You already know if you trade in your car, you can save you time and get the whole car-buying process behind you more quickly. But there are other advantages and disadvantages you’ll need to know. 

  • Trading in a car is about as easy as it gets. You just hand over the keys and hop in your new ride!
  • Using your car as a trade-in also gives you more financial flexibility. Instead of coming up with a down payment, for example, you can use your car instead.
  • Most state sales tax only applies to the difference in price between your old car and your new one. If the trade-in value of your old car is $10,000 and you buy a $30,000 car, you only pay taxes on $20,000!
  • You can count on a reputable used car dealership to give you a fair value for your car. There’s also a chance you could get more for the car by selling it yourself.

If a quick and painless car-buying experience is your goal, you can count on getting the best trade in value for your car right here in Tucson.   

Selling Your Car

It’s hard to know how much money you’ll save if you sell your car yourself vs. the time it takes to sell it. Selling online is easy, and it’s possible to reach a broad audience. But. Online or in your driveway, selling a car privately can get complicated. 

  • Selling your car yourself can be a decent investment of time and effort because you’ll probably make the most money on it. That’s just the way the car market works, and if you have the time, it might be the best direction. 
  • If you’re able to sell your car for a good price, you can use the money as a down payment on your next car. 
  • Taking pictures and posting them with an enticing ad is the easy part. Fielding phone calls, answering so many questions, and arranging test drives are where things get a little crazy. 
  • Even if you can juggle all those strangers who may or may not buy your car, a private sale can still be a hassle. Because of the uncertainty of how long it takes to sell a car, you could end up having to wait longer than you would like to get your next car. 

Trading in your car instead of selling it may be the best option if you don’t have the patience or skills to get the most for your used car. 

We Will Buy Any Car

Yes, any car. Finding your next late-model used car is easy at Car Time Supercenter, and getting the most value out of your trade-in is just as easy. When you sell your car to Car Time Supercenter, we guarantee you’ll get a fair price whether you buy your next car from us or not. Check out our extensive inventory, pick out your favorites, and come in for a test drive.

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There are good reasons people will buy their next used car in Tucson from Car Time Supercenter. But I think we are one of the most trusted used car dealerships mainly because we treat everyone like family. My family has provided quality, dependable local used cars to Tucson customers since 1984, and I'm proud to be a part of our continued success. Like many family-owned businesses, I grew up going to work with my dad. Falling in love with cars was natural because of my father's passion, and eventually, I came to love the car business just like him. I officially joined the Car Time Supercenter team in 2012, starting in the finance department. Over the past decade, I've learned the used car business and how to treat customers from my family and industry resources. Today, I oversee marketing, social media, inventory, and reconditioning, so I play an essential role in delivering local Tucson used car buyers the best experience possible. I also help our family business keep up with the times while providing old-fashioned customer service. From attending NADA classes to becoming Allstate certified for back-end products, I continue to learn and add skills to serve our customers better.