Selling Your Car to We Buy Any Car
If you're thinking about selling your old car, you have plenty of traditional and digital options to reach buyers.

Things to Know Before Selling Your Car to We Buy Any Car

If you’re thinking about selling your old car, you have plenty of traditional and digital options to reach buyers. You could list your vehicle on Craigslist, Facebook, and other online platforms and reach a pretty big audience. Or you could go the old-fashioned route and park your car in a prime visibility spot with a For Sale sign on it. You can even get people to sell your car for you!

But did you know there are companies that will buy your car outright? We’re not talking about a used car dealership in Tucson that takes trade-ins on the cars and used trucks they sell. We’re talking about companies that are in the business of buying cars first and selling them second (for a nice profit!) But is selling your car to a car buying company the best option? To answer that question, we’ll look at one of the most popular car buying sites, We Buy Any Car.

Does We Buy Any Car Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck? is a company that buys cars from individuals. Reviews online are mixed, but Trustpilot gives them a score of 4.9 out of 5. The company’s landing page says so. The landing page also points out that “…buyers with a trade-in pay an average of $990 more than those who do not trade in their cars.” This statement may apply at some car dealerships, but not the good ones!

Regardless of whether the above statement is accurate, also states that “…the valuation may be adjusted at our discretion at any time, including prior to or during our in-branch vehicle inspection.” According to BBC News, We Buy Any Car was the target of action by the Office of Fair Trading (OTF) in the U.K. in 2011.

The article on the website states that the investigation revealed that an astounding 96 percent of customers received a lower amount of money than their original online valuation! At this point, you’re probably thinking trading in when it’s time to get a new car might be good idea, and you’d be right.

When you deal with a reputable used car dealer, you don’t have to worry about loopholes or changes to agreements. Used car dealerships like ours typically inspect your trade-in and then give you a valuation. There are no guestimates and sudden changes, just a fair trade-in value to go towards an affordable and dependable used car.

There is No We Buy Any Car in Tucson, AZ

If you’re still curious and you want to look for yourself, unfortunately there is no We Buy Any Car in Tucson. You’ll have to take go with the online valuation on and then drive to somewhere in Utah. Or, you can find the used car of your dreams and get a fair market valuation for your trade-in at the same time! Right here in Tucson at Car Time Supercenter.

Not only do we maintain a wide selection of reliable late-model vehicles, we provide our customers and customers-to-be with up-to-date, informative content. We don’t make uneducated decisions for our business, and we don’t think you should have to either. That’s why we cover topics like;

Our blog also features ways to get the most for your trade-in. Just like dealerships prepare cars for the sales lot, sellers like you will want to prepare your trade-in to get the best deal. You can count on the best trade-in valuation, flexible financing, and the convenience of selling and buying right here at home.

Before you sell your car online or to your neighbor down the street, let us show you what we can do for you. We can not only help you get the best trade-in value, we can also help you with our Down Payment Assistance Program. The program makes down payments more manageable so we can help customers get the car they really want.

The car you want, the price you want for your trade-in, and little out-of-pocket cost—what more could you ask for? How about good old-fashioned customer care? When you skip options like We Buy Any Car and similar companies and choose Car Time Supercenter, you get the local treatment. We are proud to say we are still family owned and operated and have been a respected Tucson business for almost 40 years.

When you’re ready to find your next car and sell or trade-in your car, we’re right around the corner. Just start by filling out this short form here:

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